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The Effects of Primogeniture on Family Dynamics

 As a writer of historical fiction set in England during the Regency era, I am constantly dealing with the ramifications of the practice and the law of primogeniture. In primogeniture, the first born legitimate son is the sole inheritor of … Continue reading

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Plot Point: Agrarian Societies in Ireland, and the Release of “Lady Chandler’s Sister: Book 3 of the Twins’ Trilogy”

Who was Captain Rock? First, let’s begin with a quick overview, simply to set some parameters. “Captain Rock was a mythical Irish folk hero, and the name used for the agrarian rebel group he represented in the south-west of Ireland from 1821 … Continue reading

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America’s and Great Britain’s Impact on The Industrial Revolution

Who would think that at the beginning of the 18th Century that either America or Great Britain would take the lead in industrializing the world? Yet, during the 1700s and 1800s, it was those two nations which sprang forward to … Continue reading

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Wife Selling as a Means to a Moral Divorce, but Not Necessarily a Legal One

From the late 18th to the mid 19th centuries in England, divorce was expense—too expense for many of the populace. Divorce required a private Act of Parliament that could cost the petitioner somewhere around £3000. It also required the blessing … Continue reading

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The Statute of Anne, the First Copyright Law

Current copyright law in the United States says, “Copyright in a work created on or after January 1, 1978, subsists from its creation and endures for a term consisting of the life of the author and 70 years after the … Continue reading

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“Put Your John Hancock on the Line!” Signer of the Declaration of Independence

With the flamboyant signature on the Declaration of Independence, John Hancock is a name easily remembered. But what do we know of Hancock’s life? John Hancock was born on 23 January 1737 in Baintree, Massachusetts (now known as Quincy, Massachusetts), … Continue reading

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Early Anglo-Norman Literature

Anglo-Norman literature was a verse literature in which we find a love for word play. The tone was lighter and the themes romantic. Even when the subject was an imaginary historical or religious figure, the overall effect remained romantic. Imagination … Continue reading

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