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Whuppity Scoorie?

So what is Whuppity Scoorie? It is a unique celebration of spring taking place in Lanark (on the east bank of the River Clyde), Scotland. On March 1, youngsters take part in the ancient custom of “Whuppity Scoorie.” They gather in … Continue reading

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Exquisite Excerpt from “His: Two Regency Novellas”

Celebrating Re-Release of “His: Two Regency Novellas” with an Excerpt    My Regency romance, His: Two Regency Novellas is available on Amazon, Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. The book contains two novellas (each between 60,000 – 65,000 words). The first is “His … Continue reading

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Research in Historical Ficiton: A Witch Bottle and the Writing of “The Mysterious Death of Mr. Darcy”

Incorporating Research into a Story Line: Today, I thought I would spend some time on how I incorporated my research into Dorset’s superstitions and legends into the text of one of my Austen-inspired cozy mysteries. Enjoy the short history lesson … Continue reading

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Locations for “Pride and Prejudice 2005”

For this movie discussion, I decided to visit some of my favorite places in the UK for filming. The places below were all used in Pride and Prejudice 2005. I have also included some of the history. If you know additional facts, … Continue reading

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“X” Doesn’t Mark the Spot

“X” Doesn’t Mark the Spot Recently, I spent a delightful morning counting words in Pride and Prejudice. Why? You may ask: Regina, do you not have enough to do with your retirement years than to sit around counting how many times … Continue reading

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I See Jane Austen Everywhere!

I See Jane Austen Everywhere!!!! As much as I love Jane Austen, one of my best friends loves Elizabeth Gaskell equally as well. I admit to having read only three Gaskell pieces in my time: Cranford, North and South, and Mary Barton. Last … Continue reading

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Georgian Celebrity: Dorothy Kilner, Author of Children’s Books

Dorothy Kilner (pseudonyms M. P. and Mary Pelham, 1755–1836) was a prolific English writer of children’s books during the late 18th century. Life Dorothy was born on 17 February 1755, probably at Woodford, Essex. She was the youngest of five … Continue reading

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