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Publishing Options for Women During Jane Austen’s Time

Novels during the early Regency were geared toward the female reader; therefore, the door opened, if only a crack, for the female writer to step through. The female writers of the time assisted Jane Austen in several ways, among them … Continue reading

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Whipping Tom (or) Toms…With a Fetish for Lady’s Behinds

“Whipping Tom” was the nickname given to two sexual attackers in London and the nearby village of Hackney. Both would attack women walking alone and beat them on the buttocks. While there is some evidence an earlier attacker in around … Continue reading

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Do You Remember? The Three Stooges as Political Satirists

This is a poster for You Nazty Spy!. The poster art copyright is believed to belong to the distributor of the film, Columbia Pictures, the publisher of the film or the graphic artist. Further details: Original lobby for You Nazty … Continue reading

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Editing 101: Words Frequently Confused (Part 2)

Most writers enjoy games that test their knowledge of word skills. Yet, knowing which word or phrase to choose can be a challenge even for those of us who consider ourselves “word” worshippers. Are you aware of the distinctions listed … Continue reading

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Regency Celebrity: Major-General Sir Isaac Brock, Provisional Lieutenant Governor and Commander of Upper Canadian Forces

Major-General Sir Isaac Brock KB (6 October 1769 – 13 October 1812) was a British Army officer and administrator. Brock is featured as a minor character in my Work in Progress, and so I have spent some time researching his … Continue reading

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Victorian Celebrity: Edward Cardwell, 1st Viscount Cardwell, Secretary of State for War

Edward Cardwell, 1st Viscount Cardwell PC, PC (Ire), FRS (24 July 1813 – 15 February 1886) was a prominent British politician in the Peelite and Liberal parties during the middle of the 19th century. He is best remembered for his … Continue reading

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The Halifax Slasher

The Halifax Slasher was the supposed attacker in an incident of mass hysteria that occurred in the town of Halifax, England, in November 1938 following a series of reported attacks on local people, mostly women. The Incident The week-long scare … Continue reading

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