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November 30 ~ St. Andrew’s Day

Who was Saint Andrew ? Despite what many may think, St. Andrew, who is the patron saint of Scotland, did not live and work in that country. In fact, his legendary connections to Scotland appeared centuries after his death. Andrew, … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season, Celebrating What is Known as “Christmastide”

Christmastide (also Christmas or the Christmas season) is one of the seasons of the liturgical year of most Christian churches. It tends to be defined (with slight variations) as the period from Christmas Eve to the Epiphany. This period is … Continue reading

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Did You Know These Facts Regarding Thanksgiving?

First, I wish all my lovely friends and family a most joyous Thanksgiving Day. Thank you for reading my blog.  From, we learn the following facts regarding Thanksgiving Day:  It took more than 200 years after the first Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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What Does It Mean to “Be Knighted”?

In Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Sir William Lucas has been knighted by the King for his service as to Meryton. But what exactly does it mean to be knighted? Knighthoods likely date back to ancient Rome. At that time … Continue reading

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Welcoming Author, Lindsay Downs + an Excerpt from “Married by Christmas: A Rogues and Rakehells Mystery”

I would like to welcome author Lindsay Downs to the Every Woman Dreams Blog. Lindsay is the author of a variety of books, including: The Earl’s Spitfire; Highland Gold, The Guilty Countess, Operation: Love, Masked Lady and the Murder, Brotherly … Continue reading

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London Architecture: The Burlington Arcade

This is my second piece on London Architectural excellence. See my previous piece on Woburn Walk HERE. Today we look at the Burlington Arcade.  Located in the heart of Mayfair, we find the Burlington Arcade, a Grade II shopping center dating … Continue reading

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William Langland, Cleric and Social Reformer and Author of “Piers Plowman”

William Langland is the presumed author of the Middle English alliterative poem known as Piers the Ploughman. “After George Kane’s thorough study of the available internal and external evidence in his Piers Plowman: The Evidence for Authorship (1965), single authorship … Continue reading

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