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Peerage, Abdication, Inheritance, and Questions of Legality

When reading historical fiction/historical romance the issue of the title the gentleman holds often comes into play. There are many misconceptions, and I admit for those of us in the States, the concept can be a bit confusing. First thing … Continue reading

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Jacob Rey (aka John King), a Jewish Money Lender in George III’s England

In A Touch of Love, book 6 in my highly popular Realm series, I  ventured into territory many Regency era writers avoid: the question of religious practices during the Regency. Georgette Heyer’s portrayal of Jews during the reign of George III … Continue reading

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2017 Daphne Du Maurier Award Finalist, Twinnings, Child Birth, and a (Sort of) Giveaway

Today, I am taking off my Austen hat to announce that my latest Regency series is making a pleasant noise: Angel Comes to the Devil’s Keep is the first book in a new romantic suspense trilogy: The Twins, and it … Continue reading

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Jane Austen’s Political Stance (or Lack Thereof), a Guest Post from Collins Hemingway

Miss Austen–No Politician, She In April, Collins Hemingway included this post on Austen Authors. I thought it worthy and asked his permission to share it here.   In this, the 200th anniversary year of Jane Austen’s death, we learn that white … Continue reading

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Sir Walter Scott, the Historical Romance, and the Creation of a National Identity – Part II

Recently, we had our first look at how Sir Walter Scott perfected the “formula” for historical romance while creating a national identity. [June 8, Part I]  Sir Walter Scott’s fiction quite often uses the plot devices of inheritance and lineage. … Continue reading

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The Rise and Fall of the Empire Waist, a Guest Post from Alexa Adams

Alexa Adams returns to my blog with an excellent piece on the fashion of the Regency Period. This post first appeared on Austen Authors.  Dancing dress featuring Grecian elements, 1809. My newest book, Darcy in Wonderland (look for it this … Continue reading

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The Knight Family Estate at Chawton, a Guest Post from Antoine Vanner

This guest post from Antoine Vanner in April 2017 on Austen Authors was a huge success. I though perhaps others might wish to view the wonderful pictures of Jane Austen’s “home” that Vanner shared.  The “Jane Austen House” in the … Continue reading

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