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Life Below Stairs: Rising with the Sun in Victorian England ~ Part I

Servants needed to be up and about their business long before the Master and the Mistress. For example, lower servants were up at 5 A.M. and at work minutes later. Most did not waste time in their rooms for they … Continue reading

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Stagecoach Travel During the Regency

It was the late 1700s before the roads were in good enough shape to support coach travel. People until that time were of the nature to ride a horse or walk. Goods were placed upon pack horses. The roads were … Continue reading

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Traveling by Coach During the Regency, an Overview

When writing a scene where my characters travel by coach, many issues must be taken into consideration before the scene is complete. Type of coach? Miles between point A and point B? Time of the year? Country roads or turnpikes? … Continue reading

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Princess Caroline, Jane Austen, and “The Regency Valentine,” a Guest Post from C. D. Gerard

This post originally appeared on the Austen Authors’ blog on October 5, 2019. Enjoy. In my “Sense and Sensibility” sequel “The Daughters of Delaford,”  Marianne and the Colonel’s daughter Allegra, and Elinor and Edward’s daughter Grace, become important players in the … Continue reading

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Life Below Stairs: Life as a Maid-of-all Work in Victorian England

Maids-of-all-Work were the “general,” rather than the exception in Victorian England. Women employed in these positions were expected to be a combination of housemaid, nurse, parlourmaid, and even cook if something happened to incapacitate the cook. They were expected to … Continue reading

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The Battle of Rorke’s Drift

On 22 January 1879, one of the world’s most remarkable military engagements took place. It was a short, but intense, battle in what is known as the Anglo- Zulu Wars. For two days, some 150 British soldiers defended Rorke’s Drift … Continue reading

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Life Below Stairs ~ Part Three – The Role of the Male Servant

The English aristocrat often lived beyond his means. Maintaining country houses (often several of them) and a large Georgian town house in Mayfair took its toll on his purse strings. In addition to owning the property, Society forced him to … Continue reading

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