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Shakespeare’s “Love’s Labour’s Lost” + the Release of “Amending the Shades of Pemberley” + a Giveaway

However, for this story, I chose Love’s Labour’s Lost. The reason for my choice deals something with the theme(s) of Shakespeare’s tale. First, we have the wise reluctance of women in believing in love at first sight, which likely makes sense for most of you who are reading this post. The second is the immaturity of men. Continue reading

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The Cotton or Cottonian Library

A bust of Robert Cotton by Louis-François Roubiliac ~ Public Domain ~ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sir_Robert_Cotton,_1st_Baronet,_of_Connington#/media/File:Robert_Bruce_Cotton_bust_BM_1924_0412_1.jpg Keeping with Wednesday’s post on Circulating Libraries, I thought I might mention a library some, especially in the U.S. have not considered. The Cotton Library was founded by … Continue reading

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Circulating Libraries in the Regency Era

Another author friend sent me these questions regarding the circulating libraries. I will provide the short answers to the questions first and then provide a longer explanations. Was there always a fee to check out a book? Was that paid … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions for Some Favorite Classic Characters

New Year’s was not always celebrated on 1 January. Ancient cultures celebrated the New Year in mid-March with the planting of a new crop. It is said that the Babylonians were the first to make New Year’s resolutions. That would … Continue reading

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My Annual Twelfth Night Sale! Regency Romance/Suspense at Its Best! December 26, 2021, through January 5, 2022

Yesterday, December 26, twenty-seven of my non-JAFF titles went on sale for my annual Twelfth Night Sale! The sale runs from December 26, 2021, to January 5, 2022.  Fill up your eReaders!!!! All books will be $0.99. These books are … Continue reading

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The Craft of Reading, a Guest Post from Leenie Brown

This post originally appeared on Austen Authors on May 7, 2019. I loved it so much, I thought I would share it with you here.  As an author and passionate lover of writing and storytelling, I often spend time studying … Continue reading

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The Significance of Books and of Reading in Jane Austen’s Novels, Guest Post from Lauren Gilbert

  The Significance of Books and Reading in Jane Austen’s Novels By Lauren Gilbert  Jane Austen was a reader.  She read widely.  We know she enjoyed novels; she was a subscriber to Fanny Burney’s third novel, Cecilia or Memoirs of … Continue reading

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Changes in 19th Century English Schools

Education in England has roots deep in the Anglo-Saxon period. Latin was the main subject at these early schools and the instruction was directed toward the sons of “aristocracy” of the age. The church saw a need to train additional priests, … Continue reading

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Are You Familiar with These Words and Phrases?

The words and phrases below are ones I can across in a “more traditional” Regency romance I was reading leisurely, and thought I would share some of the less common ones. Enjoy! Here and Thereian is one who has no … Continue reading

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