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UK Real Estate: Greenland Dock

In my current WIP (Work in Progress) one of the characters works in the timber business at Greenland Dock. Here is some interesting facts about¬†Greenland Dock: Greenland Dock is the oldest of London’s riverside wet docks, located in Rotherhithe in … Continue reading

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Georgian Era Thief Taker General, Jonathan Wild

Between 1674 and 1829, a British citizen witnessing a crime was legally obliged to apprehend the perpetrator if possible. At a minimum, one was expected to report the crime to a magistrate or other law official. The witness was also … Continue reading

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What is the Difference Between Heir Apparent and Heir Presumptive?

In my latest WIP (Work in Progress), one of the important characters is the “heir presumptive” to his brother. What does that mean, and how does it differ from “heir apparent”? In my story, Horace Lovelace is the third son … Continue reading

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The Hammersmith Ghost: Legal Precedent in the UK Regarding Self-Defence

The Hammersmith Ghost murder case of 1804 set a legal precedent in the UK regarding self-defence: whether someone could be held liable for their actions even if they were the consequence of a mistaken belief. Near the end of 1803, … Continue reading

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Ultimogeniture (or) Borough Inheritance ~ The Youngest “Keeps the Hearth”

Yesterday, we looked at Primogeniture, a procedure where the first born (usually the first born male) inherits everything, but what do you know of Ultimogeniture? Ultimogeniture, also known as postremogeniture or junior right, is the tradition of inheritance by the … Continue reading

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Primogeniture? Collateral Relatives? The First Laws of Inheritance…

For those of us who read and write Regency romances or those who live in places such as the United Kingdom, the idea of “Primogeniture” is quite obvious, but to the majority of U.S. citizens, the concept is difficult to … Continue reading

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UK Real Estate: Rotherhithe

In my current Work in Progress (WIP) Rotherhithe plays a prominent role in the story’s setting. Rotherhithe is a residential district in southeast London, England, and part of the London Borough of Southwark. It is located on a peninsula on … Continue reading

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