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Release of “The Road to Understanding” with an Excerpt and a Giveaway

Back in 1984, I went into labor 5 weeks early in the middle of my Theatre/Acting class. That early delivery was the joy of my life, especially as I had lost two previous children. Over the April 16-17 weekend, I … Continue reading

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Roger Sherman, Signer of the Articles of Association, Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the U. S. Constitution

In 1723, when Sherman was 2 years of age, his family relocated from his Newton, MA, birthplace to Dorchester (present Stoughton). As a boy, Roger read widely in his spare time to supplement his minimal education at a common school. Sherman … Continue reading

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What Do You Know of Gail Borden, American Inventor of “Condensed Milk”?

Born November 9, 1801 in New York state, Borden spent parts of his childhood in New York, Kentucky, and Indiana. When his father expressed a desire for more fertile lands than he owned in New York, the elder Borden made … Continue reading

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Do You Know These Words and Phrases?

These are some of the words and phrases I have encountered of late while reading. Some I knew the meaning and some I did not. Even when I knew the meaning, I was interested in the word’s origin or how … Continue reading

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Mr. Darcy Is Too “Proud.” But Is Darcy the Only Character Who Is Too Proud in Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”?

As most of you are likely to realize by now, I am a “whole brained” individual, which means that although I adore the fine arts, I still possess a very analytical brain. You’ll find me solving word puzzles and sodokus … Continue reading

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Lewis Morris, Lord of Morrisania Manor and Signer of the Declaration of Independence

Lewis Morris III was born on April 8, 1726, in Morrisania, New York, into a rich and privileged family. In 1762, upon the death of his father, Lewis inherited the family estate, Morrisania, which covered about 2000 acres, and resembled a small … Continue reading

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Life Below Stairs – Part 7 – The Expense of Keeping Servants

The landed aristocrats were VERY slow to give up the expenses of an extensive household staff. We saw that “plot” being used in the final season of Downton Abbey. It is said that the sixth Duke of Portland employed some … Continue reading

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