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Remembering the Tornado Outbreak of 1974

In the wake of this week’s tornado devastation, I cannot help but to think of those in 1974. It was April 3, 1974. I was in my 3rd. year of teaching and finishing up my master’s program. I lived and … Continue reading

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Nominations for the BAFTA Awards Released

Nominations for the British Academy of Film/Television Awards have been released. Here is a list of those nominated: LEADING ACTOR Jim Broadbent, Any Human Heart Channel 4 Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock BBC One Daniel Rigby, Eric and Ernie BBC Two Matt … Continue reading

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The Song of Lunch – Available on Amazon

Check out Maria Grazia’s Fly High blog on the modern poetry adaptation of “The Song of Lunch,” starring Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson. Thompson’s husband, Greg Wise, is the executive director of the 50-minute episode. You will love this reuniting … Continue reading

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50 Great Actresses Who Never Won an Oscar

Is one of your favorites on the list? Check out iMBD’s list. I think you will find it amusing.

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Male vs. Female Perspectives

When I write a Pride and Prejudice sequel/adaptation, I do so from Darcy’s point of view, rather than from Elizabeth’s. When I speak of Austen’s Persuasion, I speak of Wentworth’s thoughts. When I am writing of the Realm, I do … Continue reading

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Do You Know Jane Austen’s Novels?

Becoming Jane is an imaginative, romantic tale that captures Jane Austen’s spirit, while playing with the truth. Many of us on this site have written our own “what if” stories, and so, maybe, we might be able to suspend reality … Continue reading

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Austen-Related Actors with April Birthdays

With the April version of Austen Actors, I thought we might need to play “Six Degrees of Separation” because of the numerous connections. Many in this month’s display, for example, have been in movies with Colin Firth: Anna Chancellor, Renée … Continue reading

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Upstairs, Downstairs – DVR Alert

Masterpiece Theatre will present Upstairs, Downstairs starting tonight at 9 P.M. For the full story on the series, check out this article in The Philadelphia Inquirer.  

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Hardcover of Darcy’s Passions

The hardcover version of my first novel, Darcy’s Passions, has been released. This is the information from the Barnes and Noble website. Overview – Darcy’s Passions Product Details Pub. Date: November 2010 Publisher: MJF Books Format: Hardcover , 386pp Sales … Continue reading

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What is a Cloutie Dumpling?

I enjoyed an afternoon of tea yesterday with some friends, one of whom served what she termed to be a traditional Cloutie Dumpling from Scotland. Now, I live in the South. When we say “dumpling,” we usually mean a doughy … Continue reading

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