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Life Below Stairs, Part 9 – The Valet

Footmen as we learned the last time often thought to join the upper servants in the role of valet or butler. (We saw the character of Thomas Barrow work in all three positions in Downton Abbey.) Today we have a … Continue reading

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The Beginnings of Betty Crocker, America’s First Lady of Food

The Washburn Crosby Company (later renamed General Mills) entered their finest flours into the 1880’s First Millers International Exhibition in Cincinnati, Ohio. Fortunately, their flours took the gold, silver and bronze medals. Soon after, Washburn Crosby Company changed its name to Gold Medal … Continue reading

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Overview: Life and Literature in the Era of the Reformation

In Academics, the Reformation saw a revival of the study of Greek and Latin writings, as well as a love of beauty. “Humanism” became the newborn ideal, one that advocated individualism, an ideal which gave a tremendous impetus to literature … Continue reading

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John Hart, a Man Who Sacrificed Everything as a Signer of the Declaration of Independence

May 11, 2016, marked over 240 years since John Hart’s death. Hart, a signer of the Declaration from New Jersey was one of the many noted Christians among the Founding Fathers. WallBuilders, a Christian based historical group, recently posted some of our legal … Continue reading

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Do You Know These Words and Phrases?

Dead as a Doornail. The “doornail” is the plate or knocker upon which the hammer of a door knocker strikes. gives us this explanation on the origin of the phrase. In 1350,  William Langland used the phrase in a translation … Continue reading

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Button Gwinnett, A Signer of the Declaration of Independence, Who Died in a Duel

Button Gwinnett was one of three Georgia signers of the Declaration of Independence. He served in Georgia’s colonial legislature in the Second Continental Congress, and as president of Georgia’s Revolutionary Council of Safety. Born in April 1735 in Down Hatherly, Gloucestershire, … Continue reading

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REVIEW of “Captain Frederick Wentworth’s Persuasion” by Regina Jeffers

Each lover has a theory of his own about the difference between thee ache of being with his love, and being alone. (W.H. Auden, “Alone” – Regina Jeffers uses poems or parts of poe… Source: REVIEW of “Captain Frederick Wentworth’s … Continue reading

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