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Negotiating Marriage Settlements During the Regency Era

We have all likely read the part in a Regency romance where marriage settlements were discussed, but how did those come about?  “A marriage settlement in England was a historic arrangement whereby, most commonly and in its simplest form, a trust of land … Continue reading

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Broken Engagements in the Regency Period

 A popular plot in Regency era romances is the broken engagement, but what was the truth of the situation? Unless he suddenly uncovered a flaw in the morals of he lady, once a man proposed to a woman, he was … Continue reading

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The Age of Consent to Marry in the Regency Period

During the Regency, despite what some authors may include within the story line, the age of consent for females was twenty-one, not twenty-five as some would lead the reader to believe. Although I do not know from where the idea … Continue reading

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Jane Austen and the Concept of Accepting a Marriage of Convenience

Settling for the Compromise Marriage What hope was there for the dowerless daughters of the middle class during Jane Austen’s lifetime? Such is a topic Austen explored repeatedly in her novels. Elizabeth and Jane Bennet sought men of a like … Continue reading

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