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Was the “Ton” or the “Bon Ton” a More Appropriate Descriptor to Call the Aristocracy During the Regency Era?

Le bon ton is a French phrase meaning “the good style” or “good form.” So one could be part of the ton, if one had the style for it, which is why Beau Brummell could be a leader of fashion … Continue reading

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Forms of Address and Manners in Regency England

How to Behave Like an Aristocrat in Regency England Note! This is a repeat post from nearly a year prior. Several have asked for its return because of the long list of ways to address the aristocracy.    Regency Era … Continue reading

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Manners in Regency England – How To Behave Like an Aristocrat

Regency Era manners were based on the conduct of the upper crust of Renaissance Italy, as well as 17th Century France. The fashions and the codes of conduct were influenced by both, but the Regency Period carved out a specific … Continue reading

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