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The Advancements in Agriculture During the Regency

The British Agricultural Revolution, or Second Agricultural Revolution, was an unprecedented increase in agricultural production in Britain arising from increases in labour and land productivity between the mid-17th and late 19th centuries. Agricultural output grew faster than the population over the hundred-year … Continue reading

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Jodrell Bank Observatory, England’s First “Proper” Space Observatory

With all the recent news stories on UFOs and aliens, I thought it might be interesting to explore one of the early observatories. — that of Jodrell Bank. The observatory was originally called the Jodrell Bank Experimental Station. It is … Continue reading

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The Amazing “Daddy Long Legs” and Brighton’s History

Many of us who write Regency Romance have our tales connected to Brighton, a seaside resort some 50 miles removed from London, in East Sussex. Brighton’s popularity with the rich, famous, and royal continued in the 19th century, and saw … Continue reading

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Surprising Pre-Regency Era Inventions, a Guest Post from Sharon Lathan

This post originally appeared on the Austen Authors’ blog on 14 April 2020. Enjoy!  As all historical novelists are aware, even though writing fiction with “creative license” as an important aspect of the story telling, we must be careful with … Continue reading

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Rapid Growth of Industrialization in America and Britain

See yesterday’s post on why Britain and American led the Industrial Revolution. The cultural differences among America and Britain and many other European nations led to a rapid industrial growth. One thing we saw in America (and not in the other … Continue reading

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The “Running Horse,” a Precursor for the Modern Day Bicycle

 I have changed my diet and added exercise to my daily regime. I am avoiding sugar and glutton, while adding a good bike ride or a long walk to my day. Naturally, as my brain is likely to do, I … Continue reading

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