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What Did a Child of the Aristocracy and Gentry Eat During the Regency Era?

One thing I think ti is important to remember is English children of the aristocracy and gentry classes were traditionally fed their main meal, meaning, usually the meal with meat, in the middle of the day. Such is when most … Continue reading

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Precedence in Seating at Supper During the Regency Era

I often read in another’s author’s book about the guests for supper at Lord and Lady So-and-So supper party entered the room according to precedence, meaning according to rank/title, with the host escorting in the highest ranking female and the … Continue reading

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“High Tea” in Lake Park

¬†On Saturday, December 2, I joined fifty+ other ladies and gentlemen for tea at the Lake Park Community Center. Ours was the 2 PM service. There were other services, one at noon and another at 4 PM, and the event … Continue reading

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