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Lancashire “Hotpot,” The Red Rose Country’s Regional Dish

Have you ever eaten Lancashire Hotpot? It is a casserole dish consisting of layers of meat (beef or lamb or lamb with lamb kidney), a root vegetable (carrot, turnip, leeks, etc.), and sliced potatoes. Then you put the lid on … Continue reading

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Victorian Personality: William Hulton, Industrial Strategist or Hard Task Master?

William Hulton (23 October 1787 – 5 April 1864) was an English landowner and magistrate who lived at Hulton Park, in the historic county of Lancashire, England. Hulton was the son of William Hulton and Jane (née Brooke). He was … Continue reading

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Regency Era Events: The Blanket March, a Riot or a Cry for Assistance?

I have been frantically researching events from 1817 as part of my Work in Progress, book 6 of the Realm Series (A Touch of Love). Items of interest will be shared over the next couple of weeks. The Blanketeers or … Continue reading

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