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Editing 101: Homophones and Other Words Often Confused

While editing, we must take comfort in the fact none of us can know everything about language choices. I know the frustration. There is nothing worse than to reread a passage six months after its publication and to spot an … Continue reading

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Groan!!! More Editing Tips

If the people with whom we communicate understand us when we use “may” instead of “can,” or “convince” instead of “persuade,” or “one another” when we should be using “each other,” does it really matter? Semanticists often accept the changes, … Continue reading

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More Confusing Words

So, what is the difference between… Poor = lack of financial stability Pore = (verb) meaning to study or read; (noun) meaning small openings in the skin Pour = to flow in a continuous stream Precede = means to go … Continue reading

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