More Confusing Words

So, what is the difference between…
Poor = lack of financial stability
Pore = (verb) meaning to study or read; (noun) meaning small openings in the skin
Pour = to flow in a continuous stream

Precede = means to go before
The man preceded his wife in death
Proceed = means to continue
He could not proceed with the experiment

respectfully = in an honorable manner
respectively = listing person or things in order
Matthew MacFadyen has played Mr. Darcy and Aramis is Pride & Prejudice and The Three Musketeers, respectively.

Last = means “final”
The last week of the Winter Olympics features my favorite sport: ice skating.
Past = means “previous”
The past two weeks crawled by.

Emerge = to rise from obscurity
Sarah Palin emerged as legitimate candidate, which whom people would align themselves, after the 2008 elections.
Immerge = disappear into or plunge into
Alvin Green immerged quickly into the ranks of obscure candidates.

altogether = wholly; entirely
It is altogether too hot for December.
all together = every person or thing in the same place at the same time
We were all together at Christmas time.

all ready = everyone or everything is prepared or available for use
The PRHS players are all ready for the state championship game.
already = previously (in time)
We have already completed the last draft of the manuscript.

all right = giving permission; better than before
He said he felt all right after his bout with the flu.
It was all right with Mom that we stayed until the end of the game.
Alright is not a word!!!

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Regina Jeffers is the award-winning author of Austenesque, Regency and historical romantic suspense.
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