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Overview of the Elizabethan and Restoration Eras

This piece is not meant to be a deep look into the history of the Elizabethan and Restoration eras, but rather an overview of the periods to explain future pieces on the literature of the times. This is a continuation of … Continue reading

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The Roots of the Christmas Holiday

Have we lost the meaning of the holidays? As many are conserving their energies for Black Friday shopping tomorrow, others are wondering how we lost the true meaning of the Christmas season. Christians bemoaned the lost of the story of … Continue reading

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Ever Heard of Gibbeting? A Torturous, but Legal Way to Die…

A gibbet /ˈdʒɪbɪt/ is any instrument of public execution, including guillotine, executioner’s block, impalement stake, hanging gallows, or related scaffold, but gibbeting refers to the use of a gallows-type structure from which the dead or dying bodies of executed criminals … Continue reading

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