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Consecration of Westminster Abbey, 28 December 1065

The Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster is a large Gothic abbey church in the City of Westminster, London, England, situated to the west of the Palace of Westminster. It was a Benedictine monastic church until the monastery was … Continue reading

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Early Political History of England: The West Saxons

Under King Offa, the Mercians defeated the Northumbrians, but the Mercian rule lasted only as long Offa remained in control. The Mercians were replaced by a line of West Saxon kings, including Ine (688-725); Egbert (802 -839), and Alfred the Great … Continue reading

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Edward the Confessor, the Last of the Anglo-Saxon Kings

Edward the Confessor also known as St. Edward the Confessor (Old English: Ēadƿeard se Andettere; French: Édouard le Confesseur; 1003–05 to 4 or 5 January 1066), son of Æthelred the Unready and Emma of Normandy, was one of the last … Continue reading

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Canute, England’s Viking King

With Aethelred’s death in 1016, two men stepped forward to claim the throne: Aethelred’s son, Edmund Ironside, and Sweyn Forkbeard’s (King of Denmark) son, Canute. The two fought for control (The Saxons favored Edmund and the Danes chose Canute) of … Continue reading

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