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Anglo-Norman Literature: Part I ~ Introduction to Medieval Verse Romances

Early “romances” were stories written in verse in one of the Roman language. Essentially, a romance incorporated the elements of adventure, passion, the extraordinary, and an exaggeration of the virtues and vices of human nature. Originating from the French, the … Continue reading

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The Development of the English Language During the Anglo-Norman Period (1066-1350)

French influence upon England came about with the Norman conquest in 1066. In the beginning, the Norman conquerors spoke nothing but French, actually holding the Anglo-Saxon language in contempt. What we now refer to as Norman French was used for … Continue reading

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A Medieval Misconception: All Women Were Chattel, A Guest Post by Kim Rendfeld, who is Celebrating the Release of “The Ashes of Heaven’s Pillar”

Medieval Misconception: All Women Were Chattel By Kim Rendfeld Early medieval women were far from passive damsels waiting for a knight to rescue them. Of course, this time period is hardly an ideal time for women: childbirth so risky expectant … Continue reading

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