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Breaking Out Authors in Paperback is Still Possible, But More Difficult

This article comes from Publisher’s Weekly. To read the complete article, please visit Despite shrinking sales, declining shelf space, and the rise in popularity of relatively inexpensive e-book editions, mass market paperback is still a category that can be used … Continue reading

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“Darcy’s Passions” Excerpt – As Elizabeth’s Betrothed, Darcy Dines at Longbourn

At Austen Authors we have spent a year revisiting the events of Pride and Prejudice from the points of view of the other characters. In November at, we will celebrate the anniversary of the Netherfield Ball. This excerpt revisits … Continue reading

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England Changes Under George III’s Reign

England Under George III In 1762, the year that George III and his wife Queen Charlotte gave the English people the first heir born to a ruling monarch since the “Old Pretender,” James II’s son (1688), Britain was on the … Continue reading

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Regency Era Lexicon – We’re Up to “F”

fag – used in English public schools; denoted a younger boy who ran errands for an older student (to become “fatigued” by doing these errands) faggot – a grouping of sticks tied together and used for fuel fallow – farmland left … Continue reading

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Facebook and Courts Collide on Free Speech and Technology

I originally read this article in The Charlotte Observer on September 8, 2012. Since that time it has seen multiple reprints. “In Facebook Court Cases, High Tech and Free Speech Collide” (To read the complete article, search the McClatchy link … Continue reading

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“Lady Catherine Has Confronted Elizabeth Bennet,” Darcy said.

At Austen Authors, we are celebrating the 200th anniversary of the events in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. This is a scene from Mr. Darcy’s point of view. It is when he discovers that Lady Catherine has confronted Elizabeth Bennet for … Continue reading

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The Top 10 Worst Passwords – Is Yours Among Them?

Okay, I admit that one of my previous passwords is on this list. I have long ago changed that password to something a bit more challenging; yet, this list demonstrates how easy it is to become complacent over creating a … Continue reading

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Regency Era Lexicon – The Fifth Letter is “E”

Earnest Money – the first installment of a financial bargain; often the master of a household hiring a servant at a hiring fair offered earnest money to secure the person’s services Easter term – one of the terms of the law courts … Continue reading

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Can Reading Jane Austen Make You Smarter?

Stanford Report, September 7, 2012 This is your brain on Jane Austen, and Stanford researchers are taking notes Researchers observe the brain patterns of literary PhD candidates while they’re reading a Jane Austen novel. The fMRI images suggest that literary … Continue reading

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Crazy Online Reviews

I have recently discovered Robert Jackson Bennett’s WordPress Blog. Mr. Bennett is a Shirley Jackson Award Winner in Science Fiction. One of my favorite of his posts is this one on Book Reviews. See if you recognize yourself in this … Continue reading

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