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Regency Era Lexicon – We’re Up to “G”

Gaiters – knee-high leggings that buttoned on the side; a master would wear these over his clothing to protect them from mud, dirt, and rain Gallery – a long narrow room in a country house where ancestral portraits were displayed … Continue reading

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Neither Target nor Wal-Mart Will Carry Amazon’s Kindle

This comes from Laura Hazard Owen at To read the complete article, please visit Walmart has become the second large U.S. retail chain to announce that it will stop selling Amazon Kindles, after Target made a similar announcement in … Continue reading

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Building Characters That Sell

This article comes from Karen Lamb’s Blog. Ms. Lamb has some excellent choices such as Anatomy of a Best-Selling Novel and How Personal Should Writers Get On Social Media. To read this one on Developing Characterization, please visit Today we … Continue reading

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Breaking Out Authors in Paperback is Still Possible, But More Difficult

This article comes from Publisher’s Weekly. To read the complete article, please visit Despite shrinking sales, declining shelf space, and the rise in popularity of relatively inexpensive e-book editions, mass market paperback is still a category that can be used … Continue reading

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“Darcy’s Passions” Excerpt – As Elizabeth’s Betrothed, Darcy Dines at Longbourn

At Austen Authors we have spent a year revisiting the events of Pride and Prejudice from the points of view of the other characters. In November at, we will celebrate the anniversary of the Netherfield Ball. This excerpt revisits … Continue reading

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England Changes Under George III’s Reign

England Under George III In 1762, the year that George III and his wife Queen Charlotte gave the English people the first heir born to a ruling monarch since the “Old Pretender,” James II’s son (1688), Britain was on the … Continue reading

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Regency Era Lexicon – We’re Up to “F”

fag – used in English public schools; denoted a younger boy who ran errands for an older student (to become “fatigued” by doing these errands) faggot – a grouping of sticks tied together and used for fuel fallow – farmland left … Continue reading

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