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I have recently discovered Robert Jackson Bennett’s WordPress Blog. Mr. Bennett is a Shirley Jackson Award Winner in Science Fiction. One of my favorite of his posts is this one on Book Reviews. See if you recognize yourself in this process.


The types of online reviews that drive writers totally nuts


The weekend has not brought joyous news in regards to online reviews.

For many writers, online reviews are the primary pulse they can apply their fingers to, because writers receive very little actual feedback regarding their books. So, they have to go online to feed their voracious doubts, like – is my book successful? Is it liked? Does anyone get it?

As we’ve now learned, a lot of the feedback we see online is not trustworthy – some writers can, essentially, buy reviews and attention. This is kind of weird for me, because I treat online customer reviews with the same wariness as I do the comments on a news article – the odds of anything intelligent being said are very low, but the odds of reading strung-together swears and racial epithets are very, very high.



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