Are you a pantser, a plotter, or a plotser?

I just returned from the Romance Writers of America convention in Orlando. It was 4 days of intense workshops. One of my favorites was by 3 of my fellow chapter members from Heart of the Carolina chapter. Claudia Dain began by describing her writing process as being a “pantser.” For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a pantser “writes by the seat of his pants.” He does little planning…the ideas simply happen…sometimes even surprising the pantser himself. Deb Marlowe described herself as a “plotser,” meaning she plans parts of the story but other parts are created much as a pantser would do. Then, Sabrina Jeffries explained her need to be a “plotter.” Sabrina outlines and pinpoints the different parts of the story’s exposition. She also creates a very detailed synopsis before she begins to write. Well, despite my type A personality, I am definitely not a plotter. I usually have key points in the story I wish to make (although those often change). However, getting from point A to point B is a ride I never plan. Which type of writer are you?

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Regina Jeffers is the award-winning author of Austenesque, Regency and historical romantic suspense.
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