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“Slow Dance for Darcy, or Slow Awakening?” a Guest Post from Collins Hemingway

Collins Hemingway shared this post on Austen Authors in early December 2016, but I thought some of you might enjoy the opportunity to add your “two cents” to the conversation. What exactly is “mate value” and “slow love”?  John Tierney, … Continue reading

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Can an Olfactory Nerve Determine With Whom We Fall in Love? + a Giveaway

Today’s post is based upon this article: Can an Olfactory Nerve Determine With Whom We Fall in Love? By Dr. Laura Berman TODAY.com contributor updated 3/25/2008 Recently, a reader asked about the most unusual research that I used to create a … Continue reading

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Ed Gein: The Real-Life Norman Bates

Ed Gein: The Real-Life Norman Bates Of late, I’ve spent a lot of research hours on grave robbing and serial killers, especially as mayhem was practiced during the early 1800s. The need for medical schools to rob graves of “fresh” corpses … Continue reading

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I had two “unusual” conversations today. In the first one, a former student came to my scheduled book signing to tell me that I made a difference in her life…that I made her want to succeed because I believed in … Continue reading

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