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Queen Victoria’s Growing Family and the Need for a Better Environment for the Royal Children

Princess Alice Maud Mary, the third child and second daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, arrived at Buckingham Palace 25 April 1843. Reportedly, the queen knew the severity of her labor, but the delivery itself was quite short, only … Continue reading

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A “Stalker” for Queen Victoria

Few outside of Victorian scholars know much of Queen Victoria’s “stalker.” Edward “the Boy” Jones was quite adept at sneaking into Victoria’s most private apartments. Born in 1824, Edward Jones became fascinated with Victoria when she was but a young … Continue reading

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Regency Era Celebrity: John Nash, the Prince Regent’s Architect

John Nash (18 January 1752 – 13 May 1835) was a British architect responsible for much of the layout of Regency London under the patronage of the Prince Regent, and during his reign as George IV. Nash was also a … Continue reading

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