Celebrating “Regency Missives and Mischief,” our latest Dreamstone Publishing Christmas Anthology Releasing Today!!!

Today is the release date for Regency Missives and Mischief. This year’s anthology plots center around how an “innocent” bit of correspondence – a letter perhaps or a misplaced note – can change the events in a story (and in someone’s life).

Seven delightful Regency Christmas stories from best selling and award winning authors.
Each one of these stories involves, in some way, a letter – letters which set in train a series of events that lead to unexpected adventures and, of course, eventually to love and Happy Ever Afters!

Seven delightful Regency Christmas stories from best selling and award winning authors.
Each one of these stories involves, in some way, a letter – letters which set in train a series of events that lead to unexpected adventures and, of course, eventually to love and Happy Ever Afters!

This anthology contains

Lady Augusta’s Letters by Arietta Richmond
A letter misplaced, a ship wrecked on foreign shores, a love thought lost, a journey through terrible hardship, faith rewarded by love regained.
When letters written are not always delivered as they should be, fate can intervene in the best and worst of ways.

His Christmas Violet by Regina Jeffers
They have loved each other since they were children, but how does Sir Frederick Nolan convince Lady Violet Graham to marry him, when she is most determined never again to permit any man dominion over her person?

Heartache and Holly by Summer Hanford
For seven years, Roslyn has carried on a secret engagement with the love of her life, William, with only the letters they exchange to sustain her. Now, William is back on English soil but the letters have stopped. With their time to be together at hand, has he suddenly changed his mind?

The Letter by Janis Susan May
Two correspondences intercepted and diverted, ten years apart, create a tangle which destroys lives. Can Antonia’s well intentioned intervention save them all, or will it make the situation worse?

A Letter for Miss Brixton by Emma Kaye
Miss Brixton has fallen in love. There is just one small difficulty standing between her and happiness. The entire courtship has been carried out through letters – and both she and her love have, from the start used pseudonyms. And to make matters worse, his letters have stopped coming…. How can she find him? Is there no hope for their love? Or has there been a secret plan behind it all, from the start?

Miss Remington’s Steely Resolve by Ebony Oaten
Ladies of the quality do not engage in anything approaching trade. Well, unless they have the camouflage of a widowed aunt to be the face of an enterprise, and grant it respectability. Amelia believes that she will continue as she has been, helping others find the perfect match, and never marrying herself. It is a belief which is sorely challenged by a most unusual customer, and a series of events which begin to unravel everything she has built for herself. Can she trust the solution she is offered? Or is love too much to risk?

The Marquess’ Christmas Match by Olivia Marwood
Becoming a governess seems the best way to save her family from penury, and allow her sisters a Season, as well as allowing Georgiana to avoid the unwanted advances of the cousin who inherited her father’s title. Except… the unpleasant new title holder continues his pursuit. Can the Marquess whose sisters she cares for help her unravel the puzzle, and win her heart? Or will ruin come to everything she cares for?

If you love Regency Romance, and Christmas, then this is the holiday read for you!

My contribution to this year’s Christmas anthology is a tale called “His Christmas Violet.” It involves a “more mature” couple, who missed their chance for love when they were still quite young. Now, a world of possibilities exist. Their spouses have been buried for a respectful time of grieving, plus a few extra years. They reside in the same county and neighborhood. They have known each other since they were children. What more could they ask?

Therefore, Sir Frederick Nolan is bound and determined to make Lady Violet Graham his wife. They had been denied a chance at happiness when he was a young man. Violet, on the other hand, is not so certain she wishes to be tied to any man ever again. Her marriage to Lord Giles Graham had been anything but comfortable. Lord Graham never raised his hand to her, but her late husband had his ways of manipulating and controlling her every move. Now, she is a widow, and she possesses rights her married friends do not. Violet is not willing to give up her jointure rights and other privileges she has “earned” as Lord Graham’s widow.

Short Excerpt from Chapter One:

Sir Frederick stopped before her, removed his hat and bowed. “Good afternoon, my lady. Mrs. Bowers,” he said politely. “Might I join you?”

Emily responded before Violet could gather her wits about her. “Please do, sir.” Violet noted Emily’s use of coquettish tones, and she turned to her friend to present her a “how dare you” glare, but Emily was too busy batting her eyelashes at Sir Frederick to take note of Violet’s disapproval. Thankfully, Frederick had yet to present Emily more than a cursory glance. Instead, his attention had landed fully on Violet, and she resisted the urge to squirm. 

He adjusted his chair and sat between her and Emily before motioning the owner to deliver a fresh pot of tea. “And what are you ladies doing in town?”

Violet said, “I was just about to ask the same of you.” 

He smiled at her. “I came to speak to my man of business and thought I might also call in at the stable. You see, my lady, I am seriously considering in acquiring both a new horse and a new wife. I wish to make certain both, but especially the lady will be provided for properly.” 

His news was a shock for Violet, but, before she could compose her thoughts, Emily asked, “You have already chosen a new mate?” Her friend appeared quite dumbfounded by the possibility. 

“I have, ma’am,” he said simply. 

“Have you made an offer of your hand?” Emily continued to question him. 

He glanced to Violet, but appeared quite satisfied in answering Emily’s inquiries. “I have yet to win the lady’s permission to court her, but I pray she will agree. She is the only woman I might consider marrying.” 

“I . . . I see,” Emily stammered, as she gathered her belongings. “Then . . . then I wish you success, sir.” She turned to Violet. “I despise leaving so suddenly. I just took note of the time and realized I promised Mrs. Williams I would call upon her today about the charity’s need to assist the poor.” 

Violet knew Emily had already called upon the vicar’s wife on this day, but she assumed her friend knew a bit of mortification for flirting with a man who meant to marry another. “I am sorry you must leave so soon. I shall send a note around later in the week, and we may continue our conversation then.” 

Emily nodded her agreement and rose quickly. Frederick also rose to bid her a ‘“Farewell,” and within seconds Emily was gone. 

“That was odd,” Sir Frederick said as he resumed his seat. “Was it something I said which offended her?” 

Violet frowned again. “Emily is at sixes and sevens since her widowhood. The Williamses provide her counsel, and she finds the church’s charities worthy of her time.” 

Frederick tilted his head in serious consideration. “Then she was truly flittering with me? I assumed so, but I did not want to appear presumptuous.” 

“Some women are lost without a man’s guidance,” Violet observed. 

The tea arrived, and their conversation paused until they were alone again. 

“I assume you are not one of those women,” he observed with a lift of his brows. 

“If you are asking if I ever see myself remarrying, I would be remiss if I did not dissuade you or anyone else foolish enough to ask. Lord Giles Graham was a good man, but you and I are both aware my late husband was also a very regimented man, who despised any sort of spontaneity or disorder. You have known me since I was a child and will likely realize ‘perfect order’ was often difficult for me. Therefore, I do not wish to place myself under the rule of another man.”

Feeling a bit uncomfortable with her statement, Violet sipped her tea before saying, “Now, tell me, who is the fortunate woman on the receiving end of your affection?”

He chuckled easily. The sound of his laughter rumbling about in his chest brought a shiver of awareness to Violet’s spine. “After your most eloquent speech, I should likely be silent on the subject, but, as I know how ‘spontaneity’ is part of your nature, you will recognize a certain plainspoken tendency as part of mine.”

“I do,” she murmured, waiting with anticipation for his pronouncement. 

“Then you will hear my honesty when I say, I have no wish to remarry unless my next bride is you, Lady Violet.” 

The deep timbre of his voice and his closeness set her heart racing. 

It was her turn to be dumbfounded, but she had no opportunity to respond, for he stood suddenly. “Think upon it, Violet.” With that, he turned and placed several coins in the hand of the proprietor, before exiting the shop. 

All Violet could do was stare at the door through which he had departed. Sir Frederick Nolan wished to marry her? Her? She shook her head in denial. Even for the most compelling gentleman of her acquaintance, and Sir Frederick definitely fit those words perfectly, Violet was not about to abandon her well-earned freedom. Setting her shoulders in renewed resolve, she rose also, gathered her belongings, thanked the proprietor for his service and returned to her carefully constructed life. It would be a cold day in purgatory before she placed her life in the hands of another man, no matter how deliciously handsome her pursuer might be.


On Kindle for only $0.99 for the anthology https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09JWV49JK?fbclid=IwAR2Hpb-147G4xCVdLcRUzyDjb10AIkZsbto8Z8H7JCaEoBu-ArCBNO7TTFg

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