Do You Remember? When Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti Committed Bigamy

Sophia-Loren-Carlo-Ponti-Doctor-Zhivago-premiere In February 1965, an Italian court in Rome declared the 1957 nuptials of Sophia Loren and her producer husband, Carlo Ponti, invalid, saying his Mexican divorce from his first wife, Giuliana Fiastri was not legal. Oddly enough, it was not Fiastri who brought the matter to the Italian officials. Instead, it was a Milanese housewife by the name of Luisa Brambilla, who practiced her rights under Italian law, rights which say any Italian citizen may bring criminal charges against any other Italian citizen.

Unknown No divorce existed in Italy at the time. Generally, many ignored the need for divorce and simply co-habitated; however Brambilla thought these two celebrities should be made an example of what was becoming a society of promiscuity. Loren and Ponti were to stand trail on 6 July 1965, but they had “quietly” removed themselves to London to avoid the proceedings.1950-sophia-loren-400

At Fiastri’s suggestion, Ponti them moved to France and took up French citizenship. The first wife suggested with such a move that she and Ponti could have a second divorce, French style. Sophia Loren became the second Mrs. Ponti in a discreet ceremony, officiated over by the mayor of Sévres in April 1966.

220px-TwoWomenPoster Loren first met Carlo Ponti, Sr., in 1950 when she was 15 and he was 37. They married on 17 September 1957. However, Ponti was still officially married to his first wife Giuliana under Italian law because Italy did not recognize divorce at that time. The couple had their marriage annulled in 1962 to escape bigamy charges. In 1965, Ponti obtained a divorce from Giuliana in France, allowing him to marry Loren on 9 April 1966. They became French citizens after their application was approved by then French President Georges Pompidou.

They had two children:

Carlo Ponti, Jr.
born on 29 December 1968 (age 45)
Edoardo Ponti
born on 6 January 1973 (age 41)

Loren remained married to Carlo Ponti until his death on 10 January 2007 of pulmonary complications.

When asked in a November 2009 interview if she were ever likely to marry again, Loren replied “No, never again. It would be impossible to love anyone else.”

In 1962, her sister, Anna Maria Villani Scicolone, married the youngest son of Benito Mussolini, Romano, with whom she had a daughter, the neofascist Italian politician Alessandra Mussolini.

Her daughters-in-law are Sasha Alexander and Andrea Meszaros.Loren has four grandchildren: Lucia Sofia Ponti (born 12 May 2006),Vittorio Leone Ponti (born 3 April 2007). Leonardo Fortunato Ponti (born 20 December 2010) and Beatrice Lara Ponti (born 15 March 2012).


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