Stop the Presses! Austen Admirers Kickstarter Project Brings Everything Austen into One Place

2203520-kickstarter_badge_funded-1For those that do not know me, my name Is Angie Kroll, and I’m the person behind the Austen Admirers Smartphone App Kickstarter Campaign.  To find out more about how I became a Jane Austen fan, check out my blog posts on Darcyholic Diversions and Mary Simonsen’s Blog . Author P.O. Dixon and IndieJane graciously allowed me to explain the nuts and bolts of what Kickstarter is and how it works last week.  Today, I’m grateful to Regina Jeffers for asking me to share more about Austen Admirers on her wonderful blog. angdave
If you follow Austenesque Reviews or Leatherbound Reviews, you know that I’m a girl who likes to play around with graphics and web design.  It’s been 10 years since I built my first website, and I work part-time in web, graphic and smartphone design, mostly cover the cost of the JAFF books Iove to download.  It’s those skills that I bring to Austen Admirers.
Regina is one of the amazing people who were kind enough to give me advice on how to conduct the campaign.  Her advice on the giveaways were invaluable.  For the first level, I wanted a reward for supporters that I thought would be easy to do on my end, and fun for everyone that pledges.  I decided to try something visually appealing.  Hence, the creation of the web’s first Social Media Calling Card.  But, one of the first questions I’ve had most of people ask me – what exactly is a Social Media Calling Card?
callingcards2A Social Media Calling Card (SMCC) is Austen Admirer’s update of the Regency era’s calling card.  According to romance author Donna Hatch, “Calling cards were a considered more than an accessory during the Georgian, Regency, and Victorian eras. They were an integral part of polite society. A gentleman or lady always carried them, and would give their card to the footman who answered the door, who would then announce their visit to the gentleman or lady of the house.”  Regency calling cards eventually evolved into business cards, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
Erlynn-SMCCThose of us who love JAFF dream about what it would like to be a Lord, Lady, Duke or Duchess.  The SMCC combines the best of both of these worlds- by supporting Austen Admirers, you can live that experience!  Jane Austen readers are as creative as their namesake.  I’ve made cards for dames, an italian duchess, jedi knight, grammar guru, and even a queen!  Can you DO anything with a Social Media Calling Card?  Not really – they are just for fun, though you may want to print it, and hang it on your bathroom mirror to remind yourself of your relationship to the aristocracy!Hoemke-SMCC
Would you like to have your own Social Media Calling Card?  A minimum donation of $5 will get you a custom card made by yours truly.  Just go to, then to Austen Admirers Facebook Page to see more examples.  Don’t forget to follow @AustenAdmirers or @AngieKroll on Twitter where you can find some amazing giveaways associated from some incredible authors!  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at adkroll (at) gmail (dot) com!
Thank you for asking me to guest post today, Regina!

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Regina Jeffers is the award-winning author of Austenesque, Regency and contemporary novels.
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