The Twelve Days of Jane Austen – Day 8

(Sung to the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”)

On the eighth day of Christmas, Jane Austen gave to me,
Eight Minor Pieces
Seven Austen Siblings
Six Classic Novels
F-i-v-e Bennet Singers
Four Abbey Tilneys
Three Sailing Captains
Two Dashing Colonels
And a love of Mr. Dar…cy.

Love and Freindship [satiric-humorous]
The Three Sisters
[more serious]
Frederic and Elfrida [satiric-humorous}
Jack and Alice
[unrestrained Juvenilia]
Henry and Eliza [early humorous]
Lesley Castle
(excerpts) [satiric-humorous]
Lady Susan [Jane Austen’s wickedest tale]
The Watsons
[uncompleted novel]

If you are interested in a summary of each of these works or if you are interested in reading them by eText, visit The Republic of Pemberley.

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Regina Jeffers is the award-winning author of Austenesque, Regency and historical romantic suspense.
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