Pirated Sites Lose Google Ranking

This article comes from The Telegraph. Of late, several of my writer friends were attacked for taking a stand against pirated sites. It may not seem a big deal to those who love to lend their eBooks to their friends, but it is a big deal for the authors who are trying to eek out a living in what is already a constantly shifting business. For a look at the publishing business’s stance on pirated sites, please read the complete article at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/9473521/Google-pushes-pirate-sites-down-the-search-rankings.html

Google pushes pirate sites down the search rankings

The creative industries have scored a major victory after Google agreed to alter its search results so that websites offering pirated content appear lower in the rankings.

Google will not give sites which link to pirate content as much prominence as before

By Katherine Rushton, Media, telecoms and technology editor

The music, film and book publishing industries were lobbying for Google to change the complex algorithms – code that analyses data – which power its search engine, so that websites that link to illegal downloads of content like the best-selling book 50 Shades of Grey or Adele’s latest album do not get as much prominence as the legal versions.

The web search giant had fiercely resisted making any sort of alterations to demote illegal content amid fears that it would undermine the value of its results, but finally agreed to the change.


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