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News on “Ripper Street” and Matthew Macfadyen

BBC America walks down Ripper Street BBC America has come onboard as coproducer of the new eight-part drama series set in the wake of the notorious 19th century Jack the Ripper killings in London. Ripper Street Filming on Ripper Street, commissioned by UK pubcaster BBC1 last … Continue reading

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Can an Olfactory Nerve Determine With Whom We Fall in Love?

By Dr. Laura Berman contributor updated 3/25/2008  (Recently, I was asked about the most unusual research that I used to create a story line. This is it. It comes from the Today Show archives. When I release Second Chances: The Courtship … Continue reading

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P&P 200 – Darcy Discovers That Elizabeth Is at Rosings Park

  At Austen Authors, in celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the novel’s events, we are retelling Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice from the points of view of the other characters. If you like my attempt below, you might go … Continue reading

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Nine Steps in Recognizing a Fake Review Website

How to Spot a Fake Review Website One of the more popular techniques in black-hat internet marketing is creating “fake review sites.” A fake review site superficially looks like a real review site and claims to offer impartial comparison of one … Continue reading

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Letter Announcing the Birth of Henry VIII’s Heir Found

King Henry VIII letter found at Dunham Massey A letter written by King Henry VIII and a document announcing the birth of his only male heir have gone on display in Greater Manchester. The papers, which date back to the … Continue reading

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“Open Mouth and Insert Foot” or Diarrhea of the Mouth

  I admit to being a great fan of, and although I do not agree with all their “survey” posts, I do find most of them sardonic humor. The one below caught my attention after Mitt Romney began his … Continue reading

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Latter-Day Noah to Collect a Copy of Every Book Ever Written

This article from The Daily Mail certainly caught my attention. Is Brewster Kahle crazy or the smartest man in the world? By DAMIEN GAYLE UPDATED: 15:06 EST, 7 March 201 An internet tycoon turned latter-day Noah is trying to collect a physical … Continue reading

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