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Playing Cards at Balls and Gaming Hells During the Regency

Many books dealing with the Regency Era mention card playing going in designated rooms at balls, but what type of cards were the gentlemen (and a few ladies) playing? Would they be gambling and playing games for money like 21 … Continue reading

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The Brilliance of an “Unequal” Marriage as a Plot Point in Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

In Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen presents¬†the reader ¬†with three very eligible bachelors: the sharp-tongued, prideful Darcy, the amiable and handsome Bingley, and the smooth-talking military officer of Wickham. Analysis of these characters is plentiful, but I hope to open … Continue reading

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Daily Life in Jane Austen’s Time: Political Intrigue

Austen’s lifetime knew political intrigue that came to light with the splintering of the Whig party and the formation of a Conservative element. From 1788 to 1812, England experienced war after war, King George III’s madness, and the decadent lifestyle … Continue reading

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