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What Did It Mean to Be a “Gentleman” in Jane Austen’s England?

The word “genteel” is an adjective, meaning polite, refined, or respectable, often in an affected or ostentatious way. Its roots can be found in the late 16th century (in the sense ‘fashionable, stylish’): from French gentil ‘well-born’. From the 17th century … Continue reading

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Late Regency/Early Victorian Era Cottages for the Working Man

The Working Man’s Cottage During the Regency By the time George IV took the reins as the Prince Regent, England was the most powerful industrial nation in the world. Centres of commerce sprung up, bringing with them an increase in … Continue reading

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A Regency Era Breakfast: Various Times to Eat

How did those in Regency London begin their days? The answer is not so simple. The various social classes went about their days in their distinct ways. They rose and ate at different times depending on their class structure. There was … Continue reading

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The “French” Influence on the Regency Period

With George III’s first bit of madness in 1788 to the death of George IV in 1830, the world experienced the French Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars, the Congress of Vienna, and the Age of Reform. England found itself inundated with … Continue reading

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