Help Jennifer Duke Fund Her Audiobook Project

The lovely Jennifer Duke is attempting to bring her fabulous novel, Back to the Bonnet, out in audiobook format, but, as many of you know, or perhaps you have no idea, it is quite expensive for a self-published or small press author to make the transition to other formats. Jennifer has set a goal of a little over 4500 pounds. She has set up a GoFundMe page to accept donations. I told her I would share this information with you all, and if you wish to participate, please do.

What is very special about this project, and the reason I agreed to promote it was the involvement of Lucy Briers who played Mary Bennet in BBC’s 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. She enjoyed Back to the Bonnet and said if it were to be made into an audiobook, she’d love to narrate it. Moreover, Lucy Briers’ friend and audiobook director Tamsin Collison, who directed the relatively recent Mansfield Park for Audible, and her colleague Tshari King, who is a sound editor, have all agreed to work on the project. 

Lucy Briers as Mary Bennet
Lucy Briers

‘Mary Bennet takes matters into her own hands in this hilarious and enjoyable time traveling version of Pride and Prejudice.’ — Cressida Downing, The Book Analyst’ This is a sweet treat of a book: exciting, insightful and enormous fun.’— Jane Austen’s Regency World Uncover the secret life of Mary Bennet and the extraordinary adventures you had no idea were hidden between the lines of Jane Austen’s classic tale. Matrimony is not a destiny that attracts plain, but clever ,Miss Mary Bennet. With her family’s fortunes threatened by their own foolish mistakes, deceptive rogues and the inconvenience of male heirs to her family home, the future looks unstable, even bleak. But Mary possesses a secret weapon . . . a bonnet that allows her to travel in time. In orchestrating events according to her own inclinations, Mary takes an unconventional route to protect her family from ruin. However, she is unprepared for the dark path down which duty and power will lead her.

10% of the author’s net royalties go to UK registered charity TreeSisters.

Here is the GoFundMe link for the project:

Jennifer Duke-Back to the Bonnet

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