Something in the Air: Two Regency Romances

I have combined two of my 2019 long novellas in one volume. Something in the Air features “Courting Lord Whitmire: A May-December Romance” from the Regency Summer Escape anthology with “Last Woman Standing” from the A Regency Christmas Proposal anthology. Both stories can be purchased individually or you may find them combined in this volume. Something in the Air can also be purchased in print format for those of you who still prefer to hold a book in your hands. 

The stories are available on Kindle, Amazon (print version) or they may be read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited. 



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Courting Lord Whitmire: A Regency May-December Romance

At the bend of the path, an unexpected meeting.

She is all May.

He is December. But loves knows not time.

Colonel Lord Andrew Whitmire has returned to England after spending fifteen years in service to his country. In truth, he would prefer to be anywhere but home. Before he departed England, his late wife, from an arranged marriage, had cuckolded him in a scandal that had set Society’s tongues wagging. His daughter, Matilda, who was reared by his father, enjoys calling him “Father” in the most annoying ways. Unfortunately, his future is the viscountcy, and Andrew knows his duty to both the title and his child. He imagines himself the last of his line until he encounters Miss Verity Coopersmith, the niece of his dearest friend, the man who had saved Andrew’s life at Waterloo. Miss Coopersmith sets Whitmire’s world spinning out of control. She is truly everything he did not know he required in his life. However, she is twenty-two years his junior, young enough to be his daughter, but all he can think is she is absolute perfection.

Last Woman Standing: A Clean Regency Romance

She is simply his grandmother’s companion.

However, when the Christmas ball ends, the last woman standing wins the marquess.

JACKSON SHAW, the Marquess of Rivens, never considered the “gypsy blessing” presented to his family during the time of Henry VIII truly a blessing. He viewed it more as a curse. According to the “blessing,” in his thirtieth year, at the Christmas ball hosted by his family, he was to choose a wife among the women attending. The catch was he possessed no choice in the matter. His wife was to be the one who proved herself to be his perfect match, according to the gypsy’s provisions: a woman who would bring prosperity to his land by her love of nature and her generous heart. In his opinion, none of the women vying for his hand appeared to care for anything but themselves.

EVELYN HAWTHORNE comes to River’s End to serve as the companion to the Marchioness of Rivens, his lordship’s grandmother. However, Lady Rivens has more than companionship in mind when she employs the girl, whose late father was a renown horticulturalist. The marchioness means to gather Gerald Hawthorne’s rare specimens to prevent those with less scrupulous ideas from purchasing Hawthorne’s conservatory, and, thereby, stealing away what little choice her grandson has in naming a wife, for all the potential brides must present the Rivenses with a rare flower to demonstrate the lady’s love of nature. Little does the marchioness know Hawthorne’s daughter might not only know something of nature, but be the person to fulfill the gypsy’s blessing.


About Regina Jeffers

Regina Jeffers is the award-winning author of Austenesque, Regency and historical romantic suspense.
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2 Responses to Something in the Air: Two Regency Romances

  1. Beatrice says:

    I appreciate your stating the anthologies these two novellas are in, since it appears I already have both. Not to mention a whole slew of your other books, starting with the first of your works – the first Kindle I ever bought, His Irish Eve.

    • I wish I could say I was sorry, Beatrice, but every author loves to hear he or she is not alone. Writing is such a solitary experience. It is good to know someone looks specifically for one’s books.
      I have the re-release of The Mysterious Death of Mr. Darcy coming out on August 10 (I have my rights backs from my early novels from Ulysses Press). Another novella in a Christmas anthology arrives on October 23. That is “Lord Radcliffe’s Best Friend.” On December 28, I am releasing “I Shot the Sheriff.” It is a novel that is part of the Tragic Characters in Classic Lit series. The idea is to take the tragic characters (in my case, the Sheriff of Nottingham) and present him/her a happily ever after. The series has a few Austen-inspired titles, but there is also tales of Frankenstein, Madame Bovary, Macbeth, Moriarity, etc. They will be released over a 4 month period beginning in November with Lindsay Downs’s “Frances Steen.”

      In the new year, I will re-release The Phantom of Pemberley. I have a new JAFF story arriving probably in February. It is The Mistress of Rosing Park. I will have another Regency story tentatively called “Captain Stanwick’s Bride” arriving in April.

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