The Places We Visit in Jane Austen’s Novels

Oh, the Places We Will Go…in Austen Novels

Through Jane Austen’s novels, I was first introduced, at the age of 12, to beautiful English estates and a land beyond my imagination. I fell in love with the time, the homes, the heroes and heroines, and I have spent a lifetime admiring Austen’s works. Do you know the many places found within Austen’s novels?

from Persuasion

Lyme Regis – where Louisa Musgrove falls from the Cobb; later falls in love with Captain Benwick

Uppercross – the Musgroves’ family home

the ancient Roman baths in Bath, UK

– city where the Elliots retrenched and where Anne and Captain Wentworth are reunited

Kellynch Hall – Sir Walter Elliot’s ancestral home



from Northanger Abbey

Putney, London – from where the Thorpes hail

Oxford University

Oxford – where James Morland attends university

Bath – the city Catherine Morland visits; she meets Henry Tilney there

Northanger Abbey, Gloucestershire – the family seat of the Tilney family

Fullerton, Wiltshire – the village from which the Morlands hail


from Emma

Bath – where Mr. Elton travels to secure a wife Brunswick Square in Camden - London

Brunswick Square, London – home of John and Isabella Knightley

Donwell Abbey, Surrey – Mr. Knightley’s estate

Randalls, Surrey – where Mr. and Mrs. Weston reside

Hartfield, Surrey – where the Woodhouses live; Emma’s home

Highbury, Surrey – the village near the estates of Hartfield, Randalls, and Donwell Abbey


from Mansfield Park

Sotherton – Mr. Rushworth’s estate


Stoneleigh Abbey, the inspiration for Sotherton


Portsmouth – the place from where Fanny Price hails; her family resides there

Antigua – Sir Thomas owns a plantation there

London – from which Maria and Julia elope

Thornton Lacey – the clerical living Edmund will receive as part of his orders

Mansfield Parsonage – where first Mr. and Mrs. Norris reside; later it is the home for the Grants; Mary and Henry Crawford visit at the Parsonage

Mansfield Park – the home of the Bertram family and of Fanny Price


from Pride and Prejudice

Brighton, Sussex – where George Wickham is stationed; from which he and Lydia Bennet elope

Gracechurch Street, London – home of Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner, Elizabeth Bennet’s maternal uncle and his wife

Hunsford, Kent – Mr. Collins’ parsonage

Rosings Park, Kent – the estate of Lady Catherine De Bourgh; Darcy’s aunt

Chevening House, likely the inspiration for Rosing Park

Chatsworth House, likely the inspiration for Pemberley

Netherfield, Hertfordshire – Mr. Charles Bingley’s let estate

Lucas Lodge, Hertfordshire – home of Sir William Lucas’s family

Meryton, Hertfordshire – the village nearest to Longbourn

Longbourn, Hertfordshire – home to the Bennet family

Pemberley, Derbyshire – Fitzwilliam Darcy’s estate


from Sense and Sensibility


Cleveland, Somersetshire – the Palmer’s estate; where Marianne Dashwood falls ill

Allenham, Devonshire – the estate Willoughby is to inherit

Berkeley Street, London – Mrs. Jennings’ London address

Combe Magna, Somersetshire – Willoughby’s estate

Delaford, Devonshire – Colonel Brandon’s home

Barton Park – the home of Sir John Middleton

Barton Cottage – the home for the Dashwood sisters and their mother

Norland Park, Sussex – the Dashwood ancestral home

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  1. Vee says:

    So many wonderful places. I too feel exactly the same as you described Regina. The very first time I visited the UK it was a dream come true. I could not take enough in with my hungry eyes. We were there for a total of 4 days. However I scheduled so much into those 4 days my mind boggles with what we could have done given more time.
    The very first day I organised a train to none other than Chatsworth House! I will never ever forget that day. Stunning location, stately home and beautiful gardens. I am determined to go back there for a longer visit next time.
    On my second visit (I can’t even tell you how blessed I felt to visitng the UK again) we were there for two weeks! Highlight was the day my daughter and I spent in Bath. It is truly magical and I didn’t want to leave. Next time I will stay in Bath for much longer! We also visited Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey) which was a thrill. Needless to say I have much catching up to do in visitng all the places you list above Regina. Thanks for a great passage and helping me relive my adventure 🙂 x

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