What To Really Believe About The Ten Rules of Writing

This article comes from The Saturday Morning Post. To read the complete article and ALL the advice, please visit http://joeponepinto.com/2012/09/22/the-10-most-encouraging-and-the-10-scariest-of-the-10-rules-of-writing-from-28-writers/

The 10 Most Encouraging and the 10 Scariest of the 10 Rules of Writing from 28 Writers


Part 1, because otherwise this blog would be ridiculously long.

In my Internet travels this week I stumbled on an article published in The Guardian, in which 28 famous writers offered their “Ten Rules for Writing Fiction.” The rules are a couple of years old, and the writers mostly British, but some of their suggestions stopped me cold, because they call out some of my biggest writing fears.

Of course, with 28 writers, there’s bound to be overlap—at least a quarter of them suggested a “long walk” as a good way to clear one’s head or solve a plot problem. And there’s contradiction aplenty too. For example, got a piece you just can’t make work? Neil Gaiman says finish it; Helen Dunmore says throw it away. Maybe I don’t need to take these so seriously, but as I write this blog, some of the rules have me reconsidering what and how I write.

Among the 200-plus rules (not everyone offered ten), here were ten I found encouraging.


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