Book Industry Study Group: eBook Buyers Consuming More Print Books

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In another sign that the industry is moving toward a hybrid market, fewer e-book buyers reported buying only digital titles this spring than a year ago. According to Book Industry Study Group’s newest edition of “Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading” report, the percentage of e-book consumers who exclusively or mostly purchase e-books fell from nearly 70% in August 2011 to 60% in May 2012. Over the same period, the percentage of survey respondents who have no preference for either e-book or print formats, or who buy some genres in e-book format and others in print, rose from 25% percent to 34%.

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2 Responses to Book Industry Study Group: eBook Buyers Consuming More Print Books

  1. Is it possible that, having discovered the joys of reading (whether for the first time or as a renewal), people are returning to the printed book? (Not all books are available in e format yet!) I find this very encouraging! I love my Kindle, especially for travel, but the printed book still holds my primary affection.
    Thanks for this interesting article, Regina!

    • Lauren, I am more of the persuasion of the fact that’s there is so much “garbage” on eBooks that people are looking for quality. Plus, like the late Ray Bradbury once said, “Books smell good.”

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