Any Human Heart – Masterpiece Theatre with Matthew MacFadyen

While many of you will be indulging in chocolates and roses, I shall be partaking of my favorite actor in a three-part series on Masterpiece Theatre. The first episode of “Any Human Heart” airs February 13. Here is what PBS says of the series:
Based on the bestselling novel by William Boyd, Any Human Heart is a rollercoaster ride through one man’s life. A trio of great actors portray the different life stages of hero Logan Mountstuart, a writer, lover, art dealer, and spy living by his wits in the tumultuous 20th century. Oscar-winner Jim Broadbent stars as Mountstuart in his dotage, with Matthew Macfadyen (Little Dorrit) as the hero in his prime, and Sam Claflin as the eager seducer in his impetuous youth. Hayley Atwell, Kim Cattrall and Gillian Anderson also star in this moving tale of adventure, romance and heartbreak.
I have read the book, and it is a unique twist on the fictionalized biography format. The main character even meets such real-life characters such as Ian Fleming.
Go to for a video preview.


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Regina Jeffers is the award-winning author of Austenesque, Regency and historical romantic suspense.
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2 Responses to Any Human Heart – Masterpiece Theatre with Matthew MacFadyen

  1. John says:

    Will anyone admit how dreadful and boring this latest Masterpiece is? Trite, predictable, poorly scripted, poorly paced, poorly directed drivel. Downtown Abbey was almost as bad, filled as it was with every BBC costume-drama Brit cliche imaginable. If you modern-day producers of Masterpiece think you will draw “new” audiences with such second-rate material, you are dead wrong. I don’t know who’s more culpable, you or the Brit producers who obviously salivate on the chance to pawn these products off on you.

    Postively poor show. Stop underestimating your American audiences, or we will stop supporting you!

    • John,
      As I have not had the opportunity to see this piece, I will withhold my actual opinion of its quality. My local PBS is in a fund raiser drive and chose to show David Copperfield instead. However, I will say that I enjoyed the novel and the way it wove the lives of the fictional characters with real-life ones. I am a Matthew Macfadyen fan and will watch anything with him in it; therefore, my final opinion might be skewed. As I am American, I probably do not deserve your censure, but I understand your passion for good literature and well performed productions. Please accept my apologies if you thought I meant to mislead you.

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