Austen Actors with No Birth Dates in Their Bios

Austen Actors with Unknown Birthdates
As acting is a business where “age” is an issue, some of our favorite Austen actors list no actual birthdate in their bios. We understand. Austen, too, lived in an age when youth and beauty were the criteria for marriage for a woman – a time when women were on the shelf at age five and twenty. Early 19th Century men were most “masculine” between the ages of 30 and 35. Sounds like Hollywood to me!! As such, we find some of our most endearing Austen actors without a definite birthdate, among them, Amanda Root, JJ Field, Simon Woods, Laurence Fox, Mark Dymond, Adrian Lukis, Elizabeth Garvie, and Mark Strong. We have located three such actors from Mansfield Park 1983, Northanger Abbey 2007, Pride and Prejudice 2005. We have two each from Lost in Austen, Becoming Jane, Pride and Prejudice 1980, Sense and Sensibility 1981, Sense and Sensibility 2008, Emma (TV) 1996, and Persuasion 1995. Six of 25 actors have appeared in multiple Austen adaptations: Peter Wight (Pride and Prejudice 2005 and Persuasion 2007); Irene Richard (Pride and Prejudice 1980 and Sense and Sensibility 1981); Lucy Robinson (Pride and Prejudice 2005 and Emma[TV] 1996); Sophie Thompson (Persuasion 1995 and Emma 1996); David Savile (Pride and Prejudice 1967 and Persuasion 1971); and Sylvestra Le Touzel (Mansfield Park 1983 and Northanger Abbey 2007).

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