Confusing Words Continue

Evoke = something to appear, such as a memory
Invoke = to call on in prayer; to declare to be in effect

Expect = shows confidence or anticipation that something will happen
Suppose = to believe or presume to be real or true without proof
Suspect = to distrust or presume guilty

Foreword = the introductory remarks preceding the main text in a book
Forward = moving toward a point ahead

Formally = a manner established by customs or rules
Formerly = previously

Flaunt = an ostentatious display; being very showy
Flout = to express scorn for; to scoff

Bear = the name of a large animal
Bear = to carry; to undertake a burden; to put up with
Bare = naked; without covering
Bare = without supplies (i.e., The cupboard was bare.)
Bare = merely (i.e., I barely passed my exam.)

Bazaar = a marketplace
Bizarre = strange or odd

Cite = to quote an authority; to refer to something as an example
Sight = that which is seen; the act of seeing
Site = location, where something can be found

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Regina Jeffers is the award-winning author of Austenesque, Regency and historical romantic suspense.
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