Mars vs. Venus Part III

This is more on the differences between males and females:
Women not on the pill, find masculine features attractive, but women on the pill find feminized male faces more attractive.
When men sweat, pheromones, which have no odor themselves, are mixed with the sweat to attract the opposite sex.
Males see a female’s waist to hip ratio instinctively when meeting the woman for the first time. It probably has something to do with childbearing and whether a woman might conceive easily.
Large amounts of dopamine and oxytocin surge in a woman’s body when she is talking/bonding with her partner.
Women pay more attention to the tone of a person’s voice and his body language when interpreting meaning. Men are likely to miss these cues to meaning because they need precision in word choice.
Obviously, the woman’s nurturing center of the brain is more developed than a man’s, while his sexual center is more developed.
Women show their teeth when smiling. Men do not. In a man, showing one’s teeth is considered a weakness.
Women can recall the spoken word exactly. They have a better blood supply to that part of the brain. Men remember the “gist” of the conversation.
Women have a stronger sense of smell, and the chocolate cravings are natural for they also taste sugar better. Men have a better sense of taste for salty and bitter foods/drinks.
Women are physically and neurologically mature at 17; men not until age 22-24.
Women have better finger dexterity than a man, but he has better eye-hand coordination.

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Regina Jeffers is the award-winning author of Austenesque, Regency and historical romantic suspense.
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