A Family Crest for the name Jeffers does not exist!!!!

I am doing research again for my latest novel, and I went to look for websites about surname meanings, etc. Choosing a name for a character in a book is very important to developing characterization. For example, the given name of Gabriel should evoke images of an avenging angel, but the surname is equally as important in developing the character. In my book, I planned an elaborate “family crest,” but much to my surprise that term is a misnomer. It appears that a coat of arms is bestowed upon an individual, not upon a family. So, there could be numerous forms of display for my name Jeffers. So, looking for a particular surname means that a researcher must also consider the derivation of the name, the location or region in which a person’s family originally lived, etc. I never realized how many variations there might be. I should have known this, but it was never clear. It appears that the best one can do is to trace his family history to the oldest ancestor to discover a Coat of Arms.

This is what I know of the name Jeffers. It is of Welsh descent, and my ancestors lived around Herefordshire, even before the Norman Conquest. Jeffers often became Jefferson (as in the son of Jeffers) or Jeffson or Jephison. All three are common spellings of the name. The Jeffers family was one of great antiquity. They were direct descendants from the great Tudor Trevor, Lord of Hereford, and Whittington, founder of the Welsh Tribe of Marches. They branched into neighboring Worcestershire at Earls Croom, having been granted land by King Edward VI. They established estates at Clifton Corncastle in Worcestershire. Eventually, they moved into Yorkshire and settled Thicket Priory and Ripon and intermarried with the Dunnington family. The Venerable Joseph Jefferson was Archdeacon of Colchester in 1821. Records of American ancestors include John Jefferson (1620 Virginia); Mary Jefferson (1653 Viriginia); Edmund Jefferson (1682 Pennsylvania); Robert Jefferson (1774 Nova Scotia); Thomas and John Jeffers ( 1642 Virginia); and the third U.S. President Thomas Jefferson. My family’s coat of arms contains a red and silver griffin and the motto “A Cruce Salus.”

Some of the sites I have explored are
Origin of Surnames:


http://www.surnameguide.com/surnames.html (has links to genealogy sites)

http://genealogy.familyeducation.com/family-names?detoured=1 (has tabs for first names, as well as surnames)



http://www.fleurdelis.com/coatofarms.htm (good site – explains all the parts of a family crest – lots of basic information, but very helpful)

http://www.rarebooks.nd.edu/digital/heraldry/ (Heraldic Dictionary)

http://heraldry.net/ (5000 most popular family crests)



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5 Responses to A Family Crest for the name Jeffers does not exist!!!!

  1. janet schochenmaier says:

    I appreciate your struggle trying to find the Jeffers coat of arms as for my mothers family it ws easy for me to find ours…afterall she is a Dunington

    • Lucky you. With a name such as Dunington, you should have no problem. Most people that I know with that name spell it with two “N’s,” as in Dunnington. Most of my family crest research leads to the name “Jefferson” on my father’s side. My mother’s name tend to be of German descent. Thank you for your response. Happy New Year!

  2. Larry Jeffers says:

    Liked reading about your study of the Jeffers family in England. All I can tell you about the US Jeffers is that all have graduated from the School of Hard Knocks. We are a very free sported bunch and will not stand to be told that we can not do something. We really don’t have much respect for authority, don’t anger easily but always get even in due time. We work hard and love family above all. Thanks again for your input, the more things change some things remain the same.

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