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As a former educator, I have been keeping up with the information that NBC has highlighted all week long. Yesterday, I found it a bit ironic that the national push is for more “Career-Oriented” education, while my local school district has taken the stance to phase out these programs. As my son’s teaches what is known as CTE courses, my interest was piqued by the mixed messages. Of course, I sent him the link.
Today, I decided to use the “How Do Your Learn” online quiz offered by the University of Phoenix. It is very easy to do. One must sign on to to take the quiz. It is around 20 questions in length and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. I have always considered myself a visual learner, but I must have adopted other learning modalities over the years.
27% of those taking the quiz are verbal … I was at the 20th percentile.
45 % are solitary … Again, I was at the 20th percentile.
25% are social … It did not surprise me to have my score at 17%.
16 % are logical … I was at 13%.
19% are physical … I was at 10%.
28% are visual learners … I was at 10%.
24% who took the test are aural learners … I was at 6%.
When one finishes, the site offers to send a person a more detailed analysis by just putting in an email address.
I am most anxious to hear the breakdown.

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2 Responses to Education Nation – How Do You Learn Quiz

  1. Cantor Richard Silverman says:

    I am unable to get the ‘How Do You Learn” Quiz by going through this site. Do you have anyother ways I might find this quiz. I work with 50 or 60 kids who are preparing for Bar or Bat Mitzvah. I have been using a test from “Powerlearning” for about 16 years but I think this test is more up to date. Thanks.

  2. Cantor Richard Silverman,
    I went straight to the test and it opened for me. I have copied and pasted the link below. If this does not work, the test was originally shown as part of the Today Show’s Education Nation program. If you went to NBC and looked their archives for the Today Show, it would be there. Or you might Google “How Do You Learn? – EducationNation 2010.”
    I wish you the best. I spent 40 years in the public classrooms of three different states. It is exciting to know that you are not accepting the status quo.
    How Do You Learn? – EducationNation 2010

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