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For my newest book, I am doing some research in birth order and how it affects someone’s personality. Of course, I am one to believe that environment is more important to a person’s development. Knowing hardship, for example, makes a person “turn tail and run” or makes him the type to “face down adversity.” Yet, I do find these studies on birth order quite interesting.
I am an only child (have half brothers and sisters, but we were not raised in the same household). According to most of the research I have read, I am mature, a leader, very private, sensitive, dependable, demanding, and close to my parents. I would agree that this sums me up fairly well. I often say that “I was always the adult in charge,” even as a child. Unfortunately, that meant, growing up, I did not socialize with too many people of my own age. I, generally, dated guys older than I, etc.
First born and only children share some characteristics. First born children are generally very responsible, can be a bit of a know-it-all, are high achievers, are natural leaders, and they obey the rules.
Again, I see myself possessing many of these qualities. I always tried to live up to my mother’s expectations. Unfortunately, I failed quite often, but it was not for a lack of effort.
The youngest child, usually, is the “baby.” He can be financially irresponsible, bored easily, competitive, more outgoing, creative, and possessing a good sense of humor. Obviously, the youngest are more social. Without so much responsibility, they can be more carefree than their older siblings.
The middle child, which is what I am researching for my book, is independent and a bit secretive. He might think that “life is unfair.” He is usually the complete opposite of the oldest child, and he seeks his own identity, away from what the parents might expect. Unfortunately, the middle child often receives the least attention from his parents. That makes him the independent person mentioned earlier, and it also makes him a bit more flexible in his dealings with other people. However, he is easy-going and tends to be very generous.
So, which are you? Do the characteristics fit for your birth order? I would love to hear from you.

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Regina Jeffers is the award-winning author of Austenesque, Regency and historical romantic suspense.
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4 Responses to Birth Order Research

  1. Suze A. says:

    I am the youngest of 2. I never got along with boys my own age. I have always dated men 8 to 10 yrs older then my self, even my female friends are 5 year or more older with maybe one or two exception. large crowds are definitely not my thing. I dread going to weddings, hate dressing up, unfortunately for me I am an under achiever. Never did my HW unless it was in the cafeteria… Lol. I do easily get board and my husband tells I have at least 3 different personalities & after my miscarriage last year I developed a 4th which he absolutely hates. Either I absolutely lve it or hate it.

  2. As I said previously, I am a “lead, follow, or get out of my way” sort of person. I am always the person in charge, even when I try to sit back and let others run things. I have actually been places where someone will walk right past everyone standing before me, and then ask me the leading question. Go figure!!

  3. Barbara says:

    Hi Regina,
    How cool that you’re doing this research. I often get annoyed with books when something seems off, so you are really working to get things right. Birth order is an interesting topic. I’ve always been fascinated by it, but find I don’t usually fit the mold because my twin sister and I share the youngest spot. If you ever consider using twins in your storyline, I can give you some insight. : )
    I’m enjoying your blog!

    • Barbara, You must have ESP. There are three sisters in the book series. The oldest is the subject of the second book in my “Touch” series. However, the other two are twins. That is what I am trying to get correct. Is the second sister a middle child or is she and the twin considered one unit and as being the youngest. What I am also doing is having their parents die when the girls are quite young. They are each raised by a different relative. Is nuture or nature in determining personality?

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