Welcome “Time Slip” Author, Heidi Sprouse + a Valentine Giveaway

Today, we welcome “Time Slip” Author, Heidi Sprouse to the blog. If you’re an Outlander fan, you must read Heidi’s new book, Whispers of Liberty. 

Regina: Tell my followers something of yourself, Heidi. They love to discover new writers. 
Heidi: I’ve had a love affair with the written word since I was a child. My first grade teacher told my mother I wouldn’t amount to anything, resulting in many sessions of Dick and Jane at bedtime. I still remember the victory of reading Green Eggs and Ham on my own. From then on, I was hooked, a veritable bookworm. It was only natural that writing would come next. I dabbled in stories for years, writing continuations of television programs with my best friend and filling notebooks with flights of fancy.

Fast forward to college and I majored in elementary education with a concentration in my true love, English. I continued with Master’s degrees in Reading and Early Childhood. I’ve dedicated over twenty years of my life to teaching, finding great pleasure and heartache as well. It is one of the most rewarding, hardest jobs anyone could do.
For the past twelve years, the passion of writing has grown. I finished my first novel shortly after my father’s death in 2003, a young adult novel that is therapeutic. Lakeside Magic is a free read on Smashwords. It’s rough around the edges as all firsts are, but has potential. Deep in the Heart of Dixie is also a free read on Smashwords. It is the story of an abused teen who flees and reinvents herself.

414f8WwjrdL._UY250_In March of 2010, Adirondack Sundown, a 100,000 word suspense thriller, hit and absolutely consumed my life. I was writing at every spare minute, pulling over to the side of the road, or sitting down in a grocery aisle to jot notes. T514B+qqRibL._UY250_he flood ofwriting continued and the tap hasn’t turned off since. I’ve completed many other novels since Belle Bridge Books published All the Little Things in the Cordial Creek Romances. I’ve since published Lightning Can Strike Twice, Aging Gracefully, and Sunny Side Up. Stay tuned for more to come!

perf5.250x8.000.inddMy latest adventure has been Whispers of Liberty, a jaunt through time that begins in my town, historic Johnstown NY, and carries my main character back to the Revolutionary war. Charlotte Ross is a history buff, having grown up with two history teachers for parents. She is surrounded by landmarks from colonial days and a home that is filled with artifacts. One night, on the anniversary of the Battle of Johnstown, she is led into the Colonial Cemetery by a man dressed in the uniform of a Revolutionary militia man. She touches a grave stone and is sucked back in time. Once there, she’ll meet her ancestor and a soldier, Benjamin Willson. Charlotte will fall hard for her militia man. Will she be able to change the tides of war?

I was led to this novel after watching “The Sons of Liberty” on the history channel, plus I love Outlander. The ideas for the story rolled out like a movie in my mind, carrying me on a great adventure as I learned a wealth of facts about my town. The novel merges past and present while giving readers a good dose of patriotic spirit. It also offers a strong heroine as the leading lady. Two more novels are in the works for a story that has been published by Bygone Era Books, a publisher that focuses solely on historical fiction and nonfiction.

You can find Heidi at these sites: 

Facebook at Heidi Sprouse Writer 
Twitter: Heidi Sprouse Author
Heidi Sprouse’s Website

Review of Whisper of Liberty at Manhattan Book Reviews

Purchase Links to Whispers of Liberty:

Now, for the GIVEAWAY. Heidi is offering a signed print copy of Whispers of Liberty to a commenter below, but DO NOT SIMPLY COMMENT. You MUST answer the three scavenger hunt questions listed below. Include your response in the comment section below. You may find the answers on the links Heidi has provided (see above). The Giveaway ends at midnight EST on Saturday, February 13. The winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day. Good Luck! 

Scavenger Hunt Questions to win a signed, print copy:
1. On my Twitter page, I’m with the Beekman Boys for my profile picture. What television show/contest did they participate in and win?
2. Whispers of Liberty carries a woman back on time to the Revolution. What other popular series carries a woman back in time?
3, What do I do for a living? You’ll have to hunt on my author page!

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  1. Bookobsessive says:

    1. The Amazing Race
    2. Outlander (I love this series)
    3. Teacher


  2. kwithey says:

    I’ve tried this before and am not sure it took

    1. Tha Amaxing Race
    2. Outlander(love it)
    3. Teacher

  3. Michele Hayes says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. Here are the answers to your scavenger hunt questions:

    1. The Beekman Boys were on and won The Amazing Race
    2. Outlander also carries a woman back in time
    3. You’ve been a teacher for over 20 years

  4. Michele Hayes says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. Here are the answers to your scavenger hunt questions.

    1. The Beekman Boys were on and won The Amazing Race
    2. “Outlander” also carries a woman back in time
    3. You’ve been a teacher for over 20 years

  5. Con Martin says:

    1. Fabulous Beekman Boys
    2. Outlander
    3. Pre-K Teacher

    Can’t wait to read this book! Perfect for a chilly weekend.

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