Austen a Poor Grammarian

One of my former students who attends UNC-Chapel Hill sent me a notice on my Facebook page. It was an article about Jane Austen and her grammatical errors. Now, as I often jokingly called myself The Grammar Goddess in the classroom and as he knows I am a Jane Austen freak, the young man wished to point out the contradiction.

The Associated Press news article by Jill Lawless chronicles the work of Oxford University professor Kathryn Sutherland, who credits much of Austen’s style, especially in Emma and Persuasion, to her editor at that time William Gifford. Although this news may be upsetting to some Austen purists, Sutherland goes on to say that the study shows that Austen was better at writing dialogue than her edited pieces display.

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There has been a push to bring Austen’s work into current media. To see her actual offerings go to the following website. Austen’s handwritten manuscripts will go online Monday at, the result of a three-year project to digitize the author’s unpublished work.

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