I Hate the Word “Said”!!!!

When I write, I spend countless hours coming up with other words to use in the dialogue besides the word “said.” Then by the miracle of book editing, those efforts become lost in translation.
These are words I prefer to use in place of the word “said”:
assumed, began, commanded, explained, insisted, mumbled, murmured, assured, acknowledged, agreed, warned, cautioned, demanded, noted, emphasized, related, urged, sputtered, sneered, chided, and shouted.
Do you have other words that you despise?
Can you think of other words to replace “said”?


About Regina Jeffers

Regina Jeffers is the award-winning author of Austenesque, Regency and historical romantic suspense.
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3 Responses to I Hate the Word “Said”!!!!

  1. Suze A. says:

    It looks like to me you have got it covered the only thing I can think of is -Whispered and Pacified(not use of spelling).
    I am not fond of the word because, I believe it is used a great deal to often.

  2. I think the reader gets used to “said” and just skips over it. Whereas lots of elaborate verbs just call attention to themselves. I do know what you mean though: I have been working on the same novel since 2004 and sometimes I need to use the “find” feature to look for a particular passage. This leads me to discover how terribly often some words come into my vocabulary. It seems that I use “so” or “just” in every fifth sentence!

  3. I recently reread Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express. Every tag line was the word “said.” I though I would scream.
    When I write my novels, there is one word that appears over and over. It usually is not the same word for each book. For the last one it was “simply.” For the one before, it was “then.”

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