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The Peterloo Massacre and “His Irish Eve” ~ Excerpt + a Giveaway

Previously, I introduce you to my novel, His Irish Eve. The events of that particular novel lead up to the hero and heroine being caught in the melee of the Peterloo Massacre. The year is 1819, and Adam Lawrence, Viscount … Continue reading

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Celebrate the Release of Genie Smith Bernstein’s “Act on the Heart” + a Giveaway

Today, I welcome another of Black Opal Books’ authors to my blog. A couple of things that caught my attention about Genie Smith Bernstein is that she is a faith-based author, who lives in Athens, Georgia. As I attended school in Athens … Continue reading

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Word Origins? Are These Ones You’ve Used Incorrectly?

We had some great discussions on Facebook over the last patch of words I included in a post on word origins. Let us see if you find any of these appealing? Escort – This is a late 16th Century word … Continue reading

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Anglo-Norman Literature: Part III ~ Romantic Verse Beyond “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”

The French epic arrived in England early on. Some historians believe that Chanson de Roland was sung at the Battle of Hastings. We have evidence of “chansons de geste” from the period, which serves even today. The chanson de geste, Old French … Continue reading

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Congratulations to the Winners of Jeanna Ellsworth’s “Inspired by Grace”

I would like to congratulate Becky C and Dung for being chosen as winners of Jeanna Ellsworth’s “Inspired by Grace” Giveaway. I will be contacting you, Ladies, on how to claim your prize. 

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Bride Inheritance? A Cultural Allowance for a Widow or a Means to Control Property?

Bride Inheritance or Widow Inheritance is a cultural practice sometimes related to a levirate marriage. In this practice, a woman must marry a kinsman of her late husband. This kinsman is often her brother-in-law.  From Bible Study Tools, we learn, … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Release of “Inspired By Grace,” with Jeanna Ellsworth + Excerpt + a Giveaway

Today, I welcome one of compatriots on with a non-Austen inspired release plus a giveaway of Inspired by Grace.  Finale, Goodbyes, and The End! Thanks so much Regina for hosting me on this final stop on the blog tour of … Continue reading

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